Prime Tools offers re-sharpening & grinding services to extend the life of your existing tools. We all know creating new tools takes lot of money and time. Our sharpening and reconditioning services will save you lot of money in creating new tools. Prime Tools makes sure you get your full use out of your existing tools by having them sharpened.

In order to provide produce the finishes and tolerance specifications that you need for your tooling we implement the use of four Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) ANCA grinding machines. These grinders are 5+ Axis machines that utilize diamond and borazon grinding wheels to grind away the carbide or HSS material that your tools are made from.

To offer highest quality tool re sharpening and grinding services Prime Tools utilizes a variety of different manual grinding machines, including Pratt & Whitney R8 Tool and Cutter Grinders, a Sheffield Microform Grinder, a Cincinnati Milacron Monoset, and a variety of other tool grinding machines. Prime Tools also offers some of the very specialized or fine tooling by usinga variety of other tool grinding machines. Our expert and highly knowledgeable engineer will help you step by step in this process meeting tight project deadline.